Johnson Hinkle & Associates, LLC

About Us

Johnson Hinkle & Associates, LLC (“JHA”) is an independent consulting firm specializing in developing Disaster Recovery Programs for the healthcare industry.  This industry presents unique recovery requirements for the data center, network, voice communications and critical user departments.  These unique requirements are fully understood by the company principals due to over eighteen years past experience in the healthcare industry and over fifteen years past experience in disaster recovery planning.

Industry knowledge allows JHA to accurately scope and propose services that meet the specific needs of your hospital, while minimizing fact finding meetings.  The consulting services are tailored to meet you where you are and get you to a fully executable plan.


Independence allows for creative thinking to solve business problems.  JHA is not limited to a predefined set of recovery options and strategies.  Because of our independence, you are assured of appropriate, unbiased findings and strategies that meet your specific requirements for recovery.  JHA provides you with the information needed to make informed decisions.  You have the choice of any vendor that supplies the required services.


Many hospitals make the mistake of only developing a Disaster Recovery Plan.  In order to have the confidence that you can recover from a disaster, you must have a Disaster Recovery Program (DRP).  Planning is not a one time project that can be printed and placed on the shelf.  A comprehensive program must be in place to keep up with the ever changing environment of the hospital.  You are betting the hospitals financial stability and the continuity of care for patients on the ability to recover from a disastrous event.